COLE is an international award winning design agency with offices in Europe and Asia. The team excel at finding patterns and solving problems bringing clarity and focus to the design process.


  • Brief development
  • Human centred design
  • Concept innovation
  • Sustainable design
  • Detail + material
  • Project coordination


We live in unprecedented times at no time has there been a greater need for radical new ideas to the way we live and consume resources. At the heart of what we do is a shared desire to make things better and a duty of care for the future of our world. We can shape a team of design consultants, planners, interior and landscape designers and architects around your project. Exploring future ideas in a positive, fruitful and sustainable way.

Design helps build innovative cities, public architecture, products, services and experiences that connect with users. Design is what makes something work seamlessly or stand out from the crowd. Unsurprisingly, design is increasingly important to the private and public sector who are keen to ascertain best value while striving for innovation and sustainable goals. Get in touch today so we can discuss your needs and provide more information on how we can help.

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