B5 Studios, Cambodia

B5 Studios is a renovation of an old factory dorm building into a range of creative suites and musicrecording studios. The ideas was to remove the ground floor walls and open the space up creating a lively cafe/bar space and then add a new circulation route to the facade that could provide clues for all the fun engaging activities going on within.


The building only had a few years on the lease so we started with the knowledge that what ever we did would be temporary. Scafolding seemed like an obvious choice and when we started to play with the idea combining it with a mesh and playing with the geometry of the buiding we created a new facade that both provided sun protection and gave new life to the old building behind. The old water tower was trasformed into a giant tree house, using the concrete tub as a giant plant pot and creating a great outside place to relax and chill.


The slide? We hear you ask, Well why not?




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