Ibis Lodge, T'mat Bouy, Cambodia


Atleier Cole were comissioned by Building Trust to help create sustainable design guidelines for Conservation groups globally. This document the Sustainable Design guide was the starting point for this live build project. T'mat Bouy is home to a community based eco-tourism project in the Northern Plains of Cambodia inspired by the Wildlife Conservation Society, Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation (SVC) and the Cambodian Forestry commission thatl sees local villagers protecting natural areas and as a result attract tourists to see critically endangered species thereby creating local income that is not based on harvesting forest products. We were asked to design a lodge that could double as a bird watching hide and could we design it in a way that would conserve materials and make use of locally available materials as much as possible. The project formed part of a design+build workshop with volunteers in November 2014 where volunteers worked with local contrcators to build the project in just two weeks.




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