Koh Hang Masterplan: Kampot, Cambodia

A 300 Hectare masterplan proposal to rejuvinate a section of coastline that had been used for salt production. The idea being that 2/3's could be reclaimed for development and the other 1/3 could be reclaimed by the sea and support water based activities but also artifical reef and mangrove development and habitat restoration. The client wanted to suport this idea of a smart green city so we decided to remove all cars and start the design process with this in mind encouraging walking and installing an autonomous loop transit system that would link all parts of the island.

The island is split into areas with an large intergrated resort, further coastal resorts and theme park and other harbour based retail and restaurants, a marine science centre and science park and various housing developments.


We wanted to shape the island using natural features and have done so with coves, reefs, mangroves and pools the idea being that the resulting land mass does not fight with nature but rather sits well within it and becomes part of the Cambodian coastline


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