The need to cool Abu Dhabi is intrinsically linked to the need to look at cooling strategies on a much larger scale which calls for large ideas and a rethinking of shading and our inhabitable structures and landscapes. We can learn so much from the nature and through bio-mimicry to provide long lasting solutions to global issues.


Our role


Albashra proposes a synergy between modern materials and biological cellular structures. The result is a skin that can span public spaces providing shade while also performing in a way that sequesters carbon dioxide and produces oxygen and protein rich algae which can be used in fertilizer, bioplastics, chemical feed, medicines, pollution control, fuel and food. Organisms in hot environments are not be able to passively dissipate metabolically generated heat. Instead, they have to revert to evaporative cooling, a process that leads to water loss. In the case of our proposal we have solved this through the use of sea water which when srayed on the surface of the canopy results in an endothermic reaction cools the underside of the canopy..

Our work included

  • Concept development
  • research and development of concept
  • Illustrative renderings
  • conceptual installation

more design